Dear brother, dear young brother the revolution is in you, about you, made of you. The revolution, a Black liberation for the 21st Century, is needed now more than ever — but the same forces that Harriet Tubman was up against; the same forces that challenged Frederick Douglass; the same forces that pushed back at Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Fannie Lou Hamer are still in the way of a revolution for you, and for us, today young brother.

We live in one of the most repressive and violent states in the union. We have Chicago and several…

The revolution intensified, electrified as a Black man died on the streets of Minneapolis. The revolution, not propaganda, prevailed. Poets punched through the weak positions of pundits, we move on with purpose, with purpose, with purpose. We are revolutionaries: Black, Brown, Red, Yellow people with white allies standing on the front line, demanding on the front line, commanding on the front line in a world not designed for revolution, for transformation to truly exist!

Black liberation in a nation such as the United States? Whom can it really liberate?! What does Black liberation look like in 2021? What does Black…

The revolution will not be jeopardized,
not by weak attempts to create racial equity
by corporations, companies, or politicians
who are on some mission to brag or direct
attention towards their “efforts.”

The revolution will not be jeopardized, no.
Not by silence or complicity that dilutes
the work, the blood, sweat, and tears of
Ancestors whose names we say before we
modern day change-makers commit to action,
march, protest, burn shit down, challenge
institutional and systemic racism. No!

The revolution will not be jeopardized by so-called progressives or liberals who might find this work, these hard times too difficult. The…

Imagine the air at George Floyd Square;
imagine the breathing, imagine the healing
that has been initiated.

Imagine the energy at George Floyd Square;
imagine the relief, the sense of peace
that has been generated.

Imagine the rejoicing at George Floyd Square;
imagine the conversations, the chatter,
the feeling that Black Lives Matter.

Imagine the celebrations at George Floyd Square;
imagine the connections that are being made,
the futures that we can create.

Imagine the beauty at George Floyd Square;
imagine the hugs, just imagine the smiles,
the victory that goes on for miles and miles.

Imagine the gratitude at…

As a leader who has been deeply invested in changing the framework of the United States regarding racial equity and leadership opportunities for Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color, the United States is at a time where this can happen when the right conversations are taking place and when the right political leaders, organizations, and allies are all dedicated to racial equity.

We are seeing glimpses of this path towards racial equity in the business world and in the global sports world but there is certainly still a long way to go. Recent examples — especially for sports fans…

In the land of the people.
In the hopes and dreams
Of little Black children,
little Brown and Red, and
Yellow children,

who see a better world coming
even while we are in the grips of
othering and anti-Blackness
wrapped in white supremacy,
where we all strive to breathe,
may we believe still the arch
of the Universe is bent towards

In Black healing circles
Where we reflect on what
has been done to us, but also
where we come from,
who we are, why we
are here

this has been a year For us to grab each other’s…

She shot Daunte.
A veteran of the
Brooklyn Center, MN
police department
Made a young Black
man her target. She
drew her firearm;
Daunte was fatality

A community burns
At the same time as
the trial to bring justice
to George Floyd’s family
takes place!

It is always about race!

It is always fear of the
Black face!

A cop shoots in haste
Not considering his
humanity! She pulled
the trigger, she shot
Daunte, it’s insanity!

Dangerously, we drive
Often we do not survive —
Black people in the
United States, it’s lethal,
it is to our demise.


You might as well
start making funeral
plans; finding a funeral
home that will cater
to your Black child
when traffic stops
featuring trigger-happy
cops and young Black
people happen.

Please notify the
Black child’s friends,
classmates, associates
they knew from around
the block when they are
stopped by a police officer
who is making some “random”
traffic stop.

You will be sending
Your Black child home
in zones of city structures
where you would swear
we were born to be killed
for even just being us.

It happens nine times out of ten when sirens begin to sound; you…

Dearest brother, grimy ghetto
grammar professional with
an exceptional way of emceeing,
we will be missing you, we will
be remembering you forever.

The Ancestors have called you
back home — home to the cosmos
of everlasting energy which keeps
the balance of the universe in

Your raspy, velvety voice was
choice over the dopest of beats
and club bangers. That thump
thump jeap beat sound under
your underground vocabulary
will forever be legendary.

We hear you barking from the
ethos with electricity, high
impact energy. …

I was recently at Severson Dells Nature Center in the Rockford, IL area to record a video for an upcoming nature and poetry workshop I am leading there this month. As an employee and I stood thick into its grounds working to get the video recorded, we had an honest conversation about why Black people are not found at spaces like Severson Dells often — the conversation woke me up significantly to why many of us Blacks are not either involved in environmental justice efforts, or are not participating in white led conversations space’s programming and events.

Because of racism…

Christopher D. Sims

Digging for diamonds in the realms of social justice, ancestral lineage, art, music, and culture. A revolutionary wordsmith in his own right.

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