A Guided Meditation Grounded in Truth and Justice: Before the Jury Returns with a Verdict

In the land of the people.
In the hopes and dreams
Of little Black children,
little Brown and Red, and
Yellow children,

who see a better world coming
even while we are in the grips of
othering and anti-Blackness
wrapped in white supremacy,
where we all strive to breathe,
may we believe still the arch
of the Universe is bent towards

In Black healing circles
Where we reflect on what
has been done to us, but also
where we come from,
who we are, why we
are here

this has been a year
For us to grab each other’s
hands to collectively
breath in electric energy;
moon energy; the sun’s
energy hoping for a new

pushing back at the violence
in this nation

Where our lives seem
to matter less and less.

We face the deaths of
simple people, who had
simple dreams — who ultimately
just wanted to breathe, to make
it back home to families.

The world waits. The world
watches the country with a
statue that represents liberty,

The world will receive an answer
in the form of a decision that has its
past and future resting in it.

Some of us hold our breaths.

Some of us anticipate the worst.

Some of us see a Minneapolis
court room as a place for the rebirth
of justice.

This is a journey we are all on,
as we remember George Floyd’s last
words. May our prayers, our meditations,
be heard.

Copyright Christopher D. Sims

Writer, performance artist, and activist who writes about racism, anti-Blackness, and and human rights struggles. A voice for truth and righteousness.

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