I Don’t Need Your Watered-Down King: A Poem

Christopher D. Sims
2 min readJan 16, 2023


I don’t need
Your watered down
King; the Dr. King

you make simple, the King
you only mention with subtleties

as if he was meek, minor, minute.

Of a champion’s truth,
Dr. King is more than

Call him a lion.

His accomplishments should
roar loudly in history books,

on talk segments

where we are identifying,
describing, the man, the
humanitarian, the preacher,
the fighter, writer, speaker,
teacher, reacher, leader, word

I need the revolutionary Dr. King
who was educated by various
religious truths, leanings; the
never afraid King who moved his
family into a housing project
in Chicago; the mighty King who
challenged economic inequity
years ago at the White House lawn
with the Poor People’s Campaign!

Don’t feed me the King who you
only credit for his I Have A Dream
Speech — he was much, much, much
more than that.

You want to tap dance
around his hardcore stance
on the Vietnam war, his biting
of capitalism, his scathing truths
of conservative AND liberal white racism

attempting to box him in
when King was always
moving in circles opposite

of your rectangular view
of him.

Please, I don’t need your
watering down

of the man who looked
death in the eye

and forced it to find

Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash



Christopher D. Sims

Writer, performance artist, and activist who writes about racism, anti-Blackness, and human rights struggles. A voice for truth and righteousness.