My Mother’s Pound Cake — A Poem

Christopher D. Sims
2 min readMar 9, 2024


My mother’s pound cake
is prolific. The pound cake
spirits gifted her with a talent
that has defined our family,
brought us together, allows
us to tell stories over laughter,
the exchanging of energy.

My mother’s pound cake
comes with collected memories,
centuries of Sims soulful existence
with a persistence only found
in the grounds of Bluff City, AR.
My mother’s pound cake
is explosive, is loaded with love
and legendary ingredients.

My mother’s pound cake
is heavily sought after,
has made my mother a master,
a marvel in the kitchen. Pound
cakes with precision has risen
in stoves across the west side
and east side of Rockford, IL,
has been a part of my life since
I was a little boy.

My mother’s pound cake
slows us down some. Is baked
without rum. For her pound cake
family members come, and come,
and come, and come. My mother’s
pound cake is packed with flavor!
Is greater than the pound cake
you find at the store. When you
have some you want more, and more,
and more!

My family soars to the house
when my mother makes her
pound cake. I love the way
the house smells when it is
one or two that she bakes.
My mother’s pound cake is
profound. In the kitchen
she gets down!

When it is a pound cake baked
by my mother, you don’t want
to be a second late! Most
people can’t wait!

What has helped make my life
good and great, is when my
mother has made one of her
scrumptious, special pound cakes.

Copyright Christopher D. Sims
March 8th, 2024
All rights reserved



Christopher D. Sims

Writer, performance artist, and activist who writes about racism, anti-Blackness, and human rights struggles. A voice for truth and righteousness.