My (White) Landlord is A Trump Supporter

As #45’s time winds down, as the clock ticks until he is no longer the President of the United States, I did some reflecting recently about what I experienced from the landlord as he recognized his president was losing, would no longer rule the land of politics in Washington, DC and beyond.

I will admit: I try less and less each year to have a conversation, any conversation about #45, about what made him as a president, about why people voted for him, about anything Tr… I have not been able to stomach any of this presidency, at all. My mother tries to have conversations with me about what is new with decisions he has made, etc. However, most of the time I do not entertain her.

As a son, I love my mother dearly! I love having political conversations with her. My mother is usually spot on when it comes to the history of this country, or about what is going on present day in the White House. However, because of my Buddhist leanings, I need to save my sacred energy for more positive things. To me, there has been nothing positive about #45’s time in the White House!

The landlord, back to him. I have viewed him as someone who makes others feel obligated to talk with, to chat with, about the state of this country, the dealings of politics and policy in this country. I do not think I have ever witnessed someone like him pull you in as much as he does regarding conversation or dialog — in his mind, you are obligated to know how he feels, what he hates, and how he benefits or not from this fading president.

He had for the most part been decently pleasant to engage with, but that was before we started talking about politics. However, I believe it has been his White Privilege that has empowered him to take as much time as he deems necessary to moan, complain, or whine about people not liking or voting for #45. I have witnessed pain in his face because he honestly believes #45 has done well as a president and deserves a second term.

But that has been this country’s story — especially White men! White men have tendencies to stomp, kick, yell, scream because they cannot believe they have been wrong; because they have done a lot of harm; because they have always believed they have been in the right all of this time, all of this country’s time.

I will no longer entertain his thinking. I will no longer engage with him about what he feels he needs to say regarding #45. I have decided to not even engage with my landlord for the most part. I do not have the time, nor the energy to feed into what I know will go absolutely anywhere. My Zen state of mind will not allow for me to trek down that road of disappointment, harm, violent political decisions that have come out of this current administration.

Instead, my focus as a leader, as a writer is to make sure that Black, Brown, and Red voices are being heard or provided platforms to be heard. In this White man’s world — even in 2020 — we need People of Color to be heard, to be tended to, to be healed, to be provided all of the comforts and protections that were not allowed during these past four years.

As far as a White man whining, moaning, stomping, kicking, it is not my job to give space for it! My Ancestors would rather I serve the people, be a freedom fighter for the people. I will do the work I was put here to do. That work does not include tending to the crocodile tears of a White man who has a surplus of money, privilege, and then some!



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Christopher D. Sims

Writer, performance artist, and activist who writes about racism, anti-Blackness, and human rights struggles. A voice for truth and righteousness.