When Racial Terrorism Is Taken Seriously In The United States

Christopher D. Sims
4 min readMay 16, 2022


When racial terrorism is taken seriously in the United States, this country will begin to come admit it has a serious problem — that what has happened to Red, Black, Brown, and Yellow people in this country is the reason it is in the shape it is in. The poisonous energy and actions racists and white supremacists here in the United States is why we are where we are now.

And if there was a cure to racism, we would all be better, especially Black people, but there is not so we need plans and procedures in place to prevent the mayhem and the massacres taking place in communities, cities, and public places. When a white teenager can pinpoint where he wants to go and commit violence where we Black people live, that is a problem. Our safety is not taken seriously by leaders, politicians, lawmakers.

Racial terrorism, besides trauma, stress, and high blood pressure in us Black people, is knocking the United States of its axis. Despite being called “the greatest country in the world” it is not great for us Black people and other People of Color. How can we even attempt to say these words when we Black people and People of Color are worried about what is going to happen next to us? When racism and racial terrorism end in this country, only then can this country make steps towards being great.

When racial terrorism is taken seriously in North America, we can get to a place where conversations about racism, hate, and bigotry take place naturally — we are then transforming the way we look at race and how we treat human beings. Until then, there will be an unease, a failure in the progress, the peace we can ultimately find when we are serious about this injustice.

Racial terrorists will continue to plot, plan, carry out murders; young white men will continue to find racist, hateful jargon on the internet; white men and white women will continue to spew hate at their dinner tables and private meetings; young white people will continue to grow up with violent mindsets inherited from their elders if this country does not ever take racial terrorism seriously.

We are definitely at a crossroads when it comes to reckoning with the sins of this nation and where we are heading from here. Guns, white terrorism, and white supremacist thinking are a deadly concoction. We cannot have soft gun laws and safety for Black people and other People of Color — it is not working. No matter how much white people who scream for their 2nd amendment rights claim liberals are embarking on “their freedoms”, this should never trump the existence of people — particularly Black people.

At an alarming rate young white men are choosing to make the worst decisions they could ever make in this country and risking the rest of their lives. We are not pausing to think about what they are learning, from where, and why. Their white parents and friends are not doing enough to step in and alarm authorities. These young white supremacists are disrupting so much life in the US. When we address what is going on with them, then white terrorism is being taken seriously.

Young white men are committing murder and thinking they should get away with it; they are believing in their minds they should get away with it. In their thoughts it is something to be proud of, that they have accomplished something meaningful. Racism is indeed a sickness, we should be treating it that way with the best resources and protections for Black people and People of Color as possible.

While standing in the crossroads, this country has a lot of decisions to make; it has a lot of people to protect; it can head into new directions not taken because its leaders made the right decisions. We Black people did not ask to be here. We were taken from Africa and brought here. We have never been a menace to this country. We have only loved this country and shared all of our gifts, talents, and abilities with it to prosper. We should be celebrated, not terrorized.

When this country addresses its racial terrorism, its future will be brighter, karma will be less likely to visit it. The many lives taken at the hands of people who are not willing to see Black people and other People of Color as human beings with lives to live, communities to uplift, and families to raise are the result of white people not appropriately and quickly putting to end the harmful attitudes and practices they keep holding onto.



Christopher D. Sims

Writer, performance artist, and activist who writes about racism, anti-Blackness, and human rights struggles. A voice for truth and righteousness.