When Traffic Stops Turn Into Funerals: A Black Man Blues Poem And Perspective

You might as well
start making funeral
plans; finding a funeral
home that will cater
to your Black child
when traffic stops
featuring trigger-happy
cops and young Black
people happen.

Please notify the
Black child’s friends,
classmates, associates
they knew from around
the block when they are
stopped by a police officer
who is making some “random”
traffic stop.

You will be sending
Your Black child home
in zones of city structures
where you would swear
we were born to be killed
for even just being us.

It happens nine times out
of ten when sirens begin
to sound; you see a lifeless
body laying on the ground
with way too many people
in blue standing around,
and people aiming their
cell phones at the body.

This is the typical traffic stop
containing a policeman or
policewoman and a dark colored
male or female. These are the
details. This is a pandemic, an
epidemic, and an ongoing trend
trending on national news shows
and social media platforms.

As the funeral music transcends,
reaching a climatic end after the
soprano solo who sung her throat
dry, we begin to cry. We wonder why
another one of us had to die all because
of a traffic stop; because a white
police officer wanted to track
down a Black person to turn them
into the next version of Michael
Brown or Breonna Taylor.

Where are our people’s saviors?
Where are we safe to exist? Where
are the safest streets for us to travel
on to reach home or work safely?

Cops. Guns. Black people. Shouting.
Shooting. Damage. Death. Theft of
another life.

A community in anger, a community
rocked — all because of a traffic stop.

Copyright Christopher D. Sims

Writer, performance artist, and activist who writes about racism, anti-Blackness, and and human rights struggles. A voice for truth and righteousness.